"The price of justice is eternal publicity." Arnold Bennett


The contents of this page are based on the information we have gathered from Intel employees, media, Intel confirmation, the experience, and observations of FACE Intel group members in the similar situations, our guesstimates, and our opinion.


Do's and Don'ts


As Intel employees, you probably already know about a mass redeployment  plan in Chandler and other Intel manufacturing sites.   According to our sources in Intel, about 1,100 employees are going to be redeployed in Chandler alone.

The term "Redeployment" is used when a company shifts their surplus of human resources from one department or division to other units of their business which are in need of personnel. wpe1.jpg (8193 bytes)

Therefore, it means that the company's officials have accurate knowledge of how many redeployed employees will be placed in the available positions within the company.   So, redeployment cannot mean anything but change of workplaces for some employees.

Based on the information we have received from our sources in different sites, we guesstimate that more than 2,000 employees are on a redeployment plan for 1998.  In most cases, employees are allowed to spend 10% of their time for a year trying to find a job within Intel.  If an employee is unable to locate a job in a year, he or she will be put on a three-month plan to look for a job within Intel on a full time basis.  After that time period, unsuccessful employees will be terminated.

It has been our experience that a high percentage of employees on redeployment will not find a job because they are targeted for termination.  In early 1997, long time before this massive redeployment, one of our group members was placed on redeployment.  This person applied for over 250 positions and attended 36 interviews and never got a job offer.  Our member worked over 15 years for Intel, over age 40, always an excellent employee, had two master degrees, and was over qualified for about 65% of the jobs that applied for. 

According to our sources, there is a hiring freeze in effect at Intel now.  How does this affect the redeployed employees?   During a hiring freeze, the other units within Intel will not be hiring.  So, the hardworking redeployed employees will not be successful in finding suitable positions in Intel within a year.  Such a massive redeployment plan combined with the hiring freeze will result in a reduction of workforce

Why would Intel take such an evil action against their employees?   Although Intel has been telling these same employees that they are the company's greatest assets, the alternative to redeployment is a Lay Off.   The table below illustrates why Intel prefers redeployment.                   

Impact Lay Off Redeployment
Negative publicity Yes No
Insecurity in other employees Yes No
Public perception of shrinking business  Yes No
Scaring college students Yes No
Possible legal ramification Yes No

If Intel is the obvious winner in a redeployment situation, what would be the impact on employees?

1.  Employees will work twice as hard to work their way out of the redeployment pool.  Intel will obviously benefit from this.     

2.  As employees continue pursuing jobs to no avail, their confidence and self-esteem will erode over a period of time.  While they struggle to overcome the vicious combination of a hiring freeze and redeployment, Intel will build a legal case against these employees for potential litigation.  If an employee files a lawsuit, Intel will produce paperwork to prove that the employee was allocated a certain percentage of time to look for another job.  Intel will assert that since the employee was unable to find a job, it must imply that there was something wrong with that employee.  

3.  At the end of the process, it is highly likely that only a small percentage of employees will end up with jobs, some of whom will reconcile to demotions.   Intel will terminate the rest of employees and thereby achieve their purpose of terminating employees without facing legal repercussions.

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Do's and Don'ts

It is woefully obvious that Intel has a plan of action by which they can get rid of a certain number of employees. Is there anything that one can do to avoid the detrimental effects of redeployment ?

Based on our experience and the advice of our sources within Intel, we are providing a few suggestions by which you can take control and alleviate the situation

1.  By redeploying you, Intel will expect you to FOLD.    Remain CALM and composed and not succumb to their tactics.

2.  By giving you a deadline to find another job, Intel will be counting on you to get frustrated.  Stay FOCUSED and apply for every single job that you're qualified for.

3.  By building a legal case against you, Intel will expect you to get intimidated.  Be ORGANIZED and document every job application, job opening announcement, job descriptions and responses that you receive.   Keep hard copies at home.

4.  By subjecting you to numerous interviews during a hiring freeze, Intel will be counting on you to give up.  DOCUMENT in detail every interview that you attend. Write a memo after every verbal discussion about a position and send a copy to your manager/supervisor. 

5.  By putting you in this humiliating position, Intel will hope to isolate you.  Build a NETWORK to communicate with other employees who are in the same situation. Look for common threads among targeted employees such as age, gender, race, etc.  

6. By preventing web access to our site, Intel will arrogantly assume that you cannot reach us.  COMMUNICATE with FACE Intel so that we can assist you in any way that you need to deal with the situation.  Your identity and correspondence will be kept in strictest confidence.  

Remember that being challenged is INEVITABLE, but being defeated is OPTIONAL!  Save yourself and your family from emotional and financial harm.


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