Letter to Governor Richardson


April 27, 2004

Dear Governor Richardson,  

My name is Marcy Brandenburg and I join my friends and neighbors today to tell you how concerned we are about the air we and our children are breathing.   

I moved to Rio Rancho as a healthy woman.  However, shortly after opening up my business which is ľ mile north of Intel, I began to experience severe episodes of unexplained illnesses. I know I am one of hundreds of citizens who live and work nearby Intel who have experienced and continue to experience the same unexplained illnesses.

I would first like to start out by explaining not only who we are but who we are not. 

We are not a group of anti-business activists trying to shut down INTEL. 

INTEL is important to our local economy and we recognize that. 

We are also not a group of alarmists claiming air pollution-related illnesses without hard evidence to prove it is a fact. 

We are a group of hard working, tax paying citizens trying to make sure our neighbors and our families and our children are able to breath air that is not a danger to their health, period. 

President Reagan said the government is like a baby's alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end, and no responsibility at the other. 

INTEL could be described in the same way. We have no objection to the appetite that benefits our community, but we would like to see some responsibility at the other end. 

Today, the citizens of Corrales, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque are appealing to you, Governor Richardson, to see that the future of our children is secure and safe. We are requesting the Intel air permit be re-opened, reviewed and re-written using the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Effects Screening Levels. We ask you, the Governor of our precious State, to consider his most recent words "It is essential that oversight groups, the citizens in this state, make sure that all environmental and safety conditions are met."  

Intel often claims they are within their permitted levels.  That is the problem.  The permit currently in place allows for Intel to emit dangerously high levels of chemicals within short periods of time and still remain within their permitted levels. That is why the Permit must be re-opened.  This is the only way to protect our health, our communityís health, our childrenís health and the future of our beautiful valley.  

We are appealing to you today Governor Richardson because of your history of mediating difficult situations around the world.  As area residents, we ask you to intervene immediately in your own backyard and re-open the Intel permit.  

A recent report by Gradient Corporation, as you probably know, gave INTEL a clean bill of health, but this report was flawed and invalid. Gradient admitted its study was based soley upon data supplied by INTEL and agrees an independent study should be made to answer the Corrales health problem. 

On the other hand, the Darko Koracin modeling report indicates it likely Intel is the source of the emissions that are causing so many people to get sick. You can view Dr. Koracinís modeling map and how the wind directions place Intelís plume over the areas of most frequently reported complaints. For more detailed information about Darkoís findings, you can visit the New Mexico Environment Departmentís web site at  


Due to the serious concerns of residents and the continually reported air pollution related illnesses, the residents of Corrales purchased the only community owned FTIR ĖAir quality- Monitor in the United States.  The FTIR monitor is the most advanced air quality monitor available and is used by such institutions as Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia Laboratory.   

Although our monitor detects many chemicals at higher levels than thought safe by EPA, one chemical I would like to touch briefly upon is that of phosgene.  Phosgene is a deadly chemical used in World War II.  With our community monitor, we frequently find levels of phosgene 100-200 times the designated EPA safe level. Phosgene exposure can cause serious side effects such as pulmonary edema and respiratory problems.  These are the types of symptoms our residents have been and continue to be treated for, even hospitalized.  Our FTIR monitor data shows evidence we are being severely effected by Intel emissions.  Intel has been unable to dispute our FTIR data. 

Governor Richardson, the residents of Corrales, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque will never cease their efforts to ensure clean air for our families and our communities. Please donít allow Intel to make our beautiful valley another superfund site like was done when they left Mountain View California.   

For more information about the convincing evidence there is a significant health threat from the emissions at INTEL, including statements from former employees visit our web site at www.faceintel.com/corrales

In conclusion we would like to say again to Governor Bill Richardson.  Do what is right for the children of New Mexico. Re-open the Intel permit and ensure the future of not only our generation but the future of generations to come.  

Thank you ahead of time for doing what is the right thing for the State of New Mexico and itís residents. 



Marcy Brandenburg

Rio Rancho, New Mexico