This website is created for the purpose of collecting and making available to
interested parties, for informational purposes, allegations of violations of
environmental laws and dissemination of toxic chemicals from Intel's
semiconductor fabrication plant in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
The data and documents contained on this website are for information only and
not guaranteed to be accurate, complete, without error, or advancing anything
more than personal knowledge and experience.
The names of members, supporters and authors who provide articles and
information will be kept strictly confidential and those who choose to remain
anonymous may write unsigned letters to:


Ken Hamidi 
7349 Cross Drive
Citrus Heights, California 95610.
4.  GOAL
To communicate and raise awareness of the possibility, and there are credible
allegations, that toxic chemical emissions from Intel's Rio Rancho plant are a
threat to the health and welfare of all residents and their children living in
Corrales, Rio Rancho, New Mexico and neighboring communities and formulate an ultimate solution to this dangerous condition if it exist.