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Since 1982, when Intel began operations in a small, modern-looking building on the mesa overlooking the Rio Grande between Corrales and Rio Rancho until 1992, few residents of either community paid much attention. The Intel name was known, of course, so there was some pride in the fact that the advanced, high-tech firm had located here. In those early days, the only vague concern was for potential contamination of domestic wells that served each home in the still largely agricultural Corrales Valley below Intel. The microchip manufacturer was, after all, responsible for at least one "Super Fund" clean-up site in Silicon Valley.

In the late 1980s, Intel began to expand its Rio Rancho operations using industrial revenue bonds sponsored by county government.  In 1993 residents began to wonder if there was a connection between their illnesses and disorders and possible air pollution from Intel. A small ad in the local newspaper in the summer of 1993 urged anyone who was tired of exposure to Intel's fumes to come to a Village Council meeting. The resulting turnout was startling; names and phone numbers were exchanged and

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Letter to Governor of New Mexico

Please stop Intel from poisoning people by releasing toxic chemicals.                   Click

Incriminating Documents Delivered to Intel and NMED

On March 5, 2004 an incriminating packet was delivered to each of 59 highest ranking Intel officials including board members and 12 NMED (New Mexico Environment Department) officials.                                Click

Story of Roberta and Ellie

When will the residents living in the shadow of Intel's emission stacks have their health, safety and welfare protected by the regulatory agency whose mission it is to do that?                           Click