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2003 Suicides At Intel


Suicides At Intel

It’s Focal/Targeting Time:

FaceIntel sincerely regrets to report that there have been one recent Intel employee suicides at Focal time, a top manager in the Folsom CPD (Client Platform Division).  Phil Wheaton was a 21 years veteran of Intel.  According to Face Intel sources, Mr. Wheaton was an outstanding man and was widely respected by those whom worked with and for him.  He had been asked to layoff a number of employees and we will not do Intel the honor of a calling these layoffs “redeployments”. 

Here is a message on the subject of suicide to CPD employees from Randy Wilhelm who is a Vice President managing CPD:

“Date: April 3, 2002 
To: CPD employees  
From: Randy Wilhelm 

As many of you know, we have had some terrible things happen over the last week. Suicide was involved, and I know many of you are asking what the heck is going on around here?? I am not a counselor, nor a minister or someone who is capable of explaining why these terrible events happened,  and I've found no one who really can. Over the past week I have read a lot on the subject. I've also gotten inputs from counselors in the field and it's clear that there is a vast network of people who are able and ready to help.  The CPD management team is looking at what things or actions we should undertake to help lessen the probability of events like those that have rocked our organization. But I need to be crystal clear on one thing, we see nothing any manager or other employee could have done that would have changed the course of the tragic events of the last two weeks. I've personally talked to many about the most recent events and no one has any answers, or can explain how we got to this point.  I know the workplace may cause stress and clearly current world events of the time are not making things easier. I encourage all of you to talk to your friends, family, and supervisors. No matter who you call or talk to, the biggest thing is to talk about what's on your mind. Keeping it inside of you is probably the most dangerous thing you can do. Below are some good references and additional numbers for help, should you ever feel that your personal life is getting just too overwhelming.
Typically, there are multiple things impacting people to move them in the direction of suicide. Rather than speculate, I would like you all to assume that the environment always contributes in some way, and hence we need to be especially sensitive to our own feelings and those of our colleagues. We run around here doing great things, but we also need to stop and talk to our friends at work, keep the world and all it means in context, and above all, if you think a person is truly having problems, try to convince them to get professional help. 

I wish I could say something really inspiring, or something that could take away some of the pain you may feel, but I can't. We can only move on, remember the good things and embrace the friends we have.


As we can see from this message there is continual repetition on the effect of stress in the workplace.  

Following is another official Intel memo on Phil Wheaton’s passing: 

Philip M. Wheaton, an engineering manager in the Software Validation group within the Client Platform Division of the Desktop Platforms Group (DPG), passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 22, 2003.  Phil was a 20 year veteran of Intel and held a variety of roles within the company. He began his Intel career in Arizona as a chemical engineer in Fab 6 before becoming a senior manager in the Corporate Quality Network. In 2000, he transitioned to the product groups, working in the Platform Components Group and most recently in DPG. Phil was widely known for his mentorship, as well as his passion for Intel Values, particularly discipline and quality. He taught more than 500 hours of Managing Through People and Effective Meetings during the course of his career at Intel, and for the past several years had been a significant supporter of the DPG Values Advocate Award and the leader of its nominating committee. Many will remember Phil for his cheerful disposition, his skilled ability to state his point of view, and his commitment to excellence in his work. Phil also enjoyed reading about military strategy fiction, swapping books with his close friends, woodworking and bass fishing. Phil is survived by his wife Barbara, family and friends. A memorial service will be held Wednesday, March 26, at 1 p.m. at the Green Valley Mortuary in Cameron Park. Friends and co-workers are invited to attend. Donations in memoriam can be sent to the American Cancer Society. If making a donation online, by phone or by mail, you can request that the acknowledgement card is sent to Cynthia Butts, Intel, 1900 Prairie City Road, Mail Stop FM7-103, Folsom CA 95630. The cards will be forwarded to the family from Intel.

According to reliable sources Mr.  Wheaton was quite a healthy man and had no significant problem in life other than too much of stress at work.  Therefore, Intel must admit that it’s predatory and deceitful HR policies contributed to the mental ill health of Mr. Wheaton. 

Intel can only atone for the evil of it’s actions by admitting that the Corporation is responsible for the horrific and damaging HR policies that it pursues based upon the dastardly business decisions made by it’s business analysts and top brass, causing wholesale destruction to the mental health of innocent workers below.      


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